IXth International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation 2019

Photostimulation and thermotaxis of sperm (61192)

Joan E. Rodríguez Gil 1
  1. Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

The journey of mammalian sperm through the female genital tract requires the existence of a myriad of mechanisms that allow cells to timely reach oviduct from the semen deposition place. Several biochemical mechanisms such as signaling through molecules like bicarbonate, neurotransmitters or even glycosaminoglycanes are known and in studying at these moments by several relevant groups worldwide. However, biophysical mechanisms are much less studied and understood. In this sense, thermotaxis is a powerful, physical signaling system that is known to act in directing sperm inside the female genital tract, although the intimate mechanisms by which this effect is launched. This review is focused to analyze thermotaxis and its possible relationship with another phenomenon that has been repeatedly in sperm from very separate species, the photostimulation. For this purpose, an overall review on sperm thermotaxis and putative mechanism/s that can be involved in this phenomenon will be developed, followed by the description of the most recent features found on mechanisms underlying sperm photostimulation, highlighting its possible relationship with thermotactic mechanisms